AMLO hires Axel Kicillof, former Economy Minister in Argentina

The hiring of a new adviser to the Mexican federal government was announced on Tuesday May 7th. The Argentine Axel Kicillof, who was a renowned economy minister during the administration of the former president of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

It seems like AMLO’s government is intending to execute certain social programs that Kicillof launched in Argentina during the Fernandez de Kirchner administration. However, it is worth mentioning that today, the former president faces corruption trials because her government was one of the most corrupt in the region.

Economics expert and political analyst Alejandra Cullen says that Mr. Kicillof basically dedicated himself to bankrupt Argentina during the Fernandez de Kirchner administration, which according to her, along with Venezuela, is the greatest failure of Latin America in the XXI Century. The expert added that Kicillof’s work is remembered as “the most exceptional case of destruction of wealth and generation of poverty”.

Alejandra Cullen concluded saying that “people must be very attentive to this issue because the national economy can be put at risk if the AMLO administration decides to start “messing up” with pension funds.”


The Yucatan Times Newsroom