American Airlines challenges Trump’s restrictive policy and opens more flights to Cuba

American Airlines, the international airline with the most flights to Cuba, reaffirmed on Wednesday May 23rd its intention to continue expanding connections with the Caribbean country despite the tightening of the embargo and the travel restrictions announced by the United States.

American Airlines, that offers connection between Miami (USA) and the eastern city of Santiago de Cuba, will open a second route between Miami and Santa Clara in June, and starting in July, it will add a sixth daily flight between Miami and Havana.

The US airline’s openng towards Cuba contrasts with Trump’s restrictive policy, which announced future travel restrictions with the aim of ending US visits to the island that are not for family reasons.

A total of 46 airlines operate at 13 airports in Cuba, transporting 9.6 million passengers in a total of 72,000 flights each year that include connections to 44 destinations in 26 countries, according to data provided by IATA on Wednesday May 22.

IATA estimates that 10.6% of Cuba’s gross domestic product (GDP) “comes from air transport”.

The Yucatan Times Newsroom



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