Yucatan’s export sector with significant growth this year (INDEX)

The president of Export Manufacturing Industries of Yucatan (INDEX), Alberto Berrón Bolio informed that the sector in the state is in constant growth, and in the first four months of 2019,  the sector has generated more than 4 thousand new jobs with the expansion of more than 40 member companies that continue to export to the United States and Europe.

He said that the group in Yucatan closed 2018 with 40 partner companies and a generation of 25 thousand jobs. However, in the first four months of 2019, the member companies have grown generating more than 4 thousand new jobs to have a total of 29 thousand labor sources, not only in Mérida, but also in other municipalities of the State.

Berrón Bolio pointed out that Yucatán is going well in exports during the spring, and they are getting prepared for the summer season, there is stability in the price of the dollar against the Mexican peso, which allows them to acquire raw materials from abroad at a fairly good price. Besides, new companies will be installed in Yucatan in the course of the year, generating more jobs.

“The important thing right now, is that the export sector is going through a very good moment”, he added.

He recalled that in 2008 and 2009, due to the economic slowdown in the United States, the world economic situation affected the production of clothing that is produced in the Yucatan,causing the product demand to fall, as well as the closure of a number of maquiladoras, reduction of jobs, and it was a very difficult period for the Yucatecan export sector.

“Fortunately, for some years now, the maquila sector in Yucatan has been growing steadily, with 40 partner companies that generate 29 thousand jobs, 4 thousand new jobs created in the first three months of 2019, and an export sector that continues to grow, with new expansion plans for the industry in the state,” Berrón Bolio concluded.


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