Valladolid resident Verónica P., did not notice when her little dog “Hojitas” went out of her house in Fraccionamiento Santa Bárbara; and she never imagined that her pet was going to be attacked by a woman who did not like the fact that the dog passed by walking in front of her house, so she decided to use a machete to wound the animal, leaving a 15 centimeter long cut on the dog’s back.

Eye witnesses stated that the aggressor not only cut the animal, but she also threw stones at it. Despite the injury, the little dog was able to run away.

The dog was so badly hurt that the owner had to ask for help from her neighbors, since she did not have money to take “Hojitas” to the vet.

Veronica said she always keeps her dogs at home and well cared for, that “Hojitas” is very gentle and absolutely harmless, so she was totally outraged by the attack.

Rescate Malix Valladolid, a local animal protection association, declared that they reject the aggression against “Hojitas”, and stated that animals are living beings that deserve care and love.

The name of the attacker was not revealed.

The Yucatan Times Newsroom with information from SIPSE