The number of cases of tuberculosis has doubled in Yucatán this year

Tuberculosis doubles in the Yucatan Peninsula, the federal Health Secretariat reported, as last week alone, one case was detected every three hours.

The pathology has a different composition in the Peninsula, since the incidence in Quintana Roo is lower than last year, and in Campeche the growth is not as significant as it is in the state of Yucatan.

Only in the epidemiological week number 15 (April 7th to 13th), 55 new cases of this contagious disease were detected in the region.

So far, in in all of Mexico, 7,427 confirmed cases have been registered throughout the year, which shows an increase of 30.9 percent, compared to the same period last year, when the figure was 5,673.

But in the Yucatan Peninsula, we’re looking at a 102.2 percent growth in the number of tuberculosis cases, since it went from 219 to 443 people infected with this accute respiratory illness.

The biggest problem is registered in Quintana Roo, with an increase of 115.8 percent, for a total of 246 cases. While in Campeche, the growth is 47.3 percent, with 56 cases. And in Yucatan the growth is 110.4 percent, with 141 cases (compared to only 67 during the same period last year).

Veracruz is the Mexican state with the highest number of people infected with tuberculosis, with 1,098.

  1. Veracruz, 1,098 cases (14.8 percent of the national total)
  2. Baja California, 607 cases, (8.2 percent of the national total)
  3. Guerrero, 500 cases (6.7 percent of the national total)

Talking about the peninsula, Quintana Roo is in the twelfth position nationwide, with 3.3 percent of the national total, Yucatan is on the 19th position, with 1.91 percent of the national total; and Campeche is number 27, with 0.75 percent of the national total.