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Public fountain of beer in Slovenia is the envy of the whole world

by Yucatan Times
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This fountain is the very first of its kind and in addition to being a great tourist attraction, it also supports local producers and their brewing tradition.

When beer is more coveted than water, there is no choice but to provide a fountain for people to drink from, so in the city of Zalec, Slovenia, this dream has come true and it is the first town in the world that has this service and it has quickly become one of its main tourist attractions.

With a public fountain where beer comes out instead of water, this place has become the destination that many want to see and taste. This initiative has astonished the world, in a country that has a charming capital, beautiful Slovenia now offers the world one more attraction, a public fountain of beer. 

In order to create this amazing atraction, the city had a budget of 350,000 €uros and to cover the costs, the City Council will bear half of the costs and the other 50% will be from voluntary contributions and local trade associations.

A brewery city
Zalec is located one hour from Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, and this region is known as the Lower Savinja Valley or the “green gold valley”, due to the abundance of hop plantations surrounding the city and breweries that feed on this raw material, so this public source also supports local producers. Although it is a novel proposal, the idea seems to arise from a similar fountain in the city of Rogaška Slatina, except there, a fountain of mineral water flows for free to guests of a hotel. In Zalec the main attraction is precisely the miracle of transforming water into beer.

Everything under supervision
The beverage will be controlled and people will only be able to drink in front of a central master of ceremonies, who will control both the pressure of the barrels and that no one gets stuck to the sugar cane. The visitors who want to visit the beer fountain will have to pay 6€ and in exchange they will have a souvenir jug and a voucher to refill 3 glasses of beer to consume it when they prefer to do so.

It is still unknown for how long this fountain will be working and if the project will be sustainable, what is certain at the moment is that the news have traveled around the world and many are preparing a visit to Zalec.

For those of you concerned about your health, a study conducted by the “Institute of Sciences of the German Clinical School of Medicine”, in Santiago de Chile, shows that drinking beer regularly but moderately, relieves stress and causes more efficiency in our metabolism. So… like we say in Slovenia. Na zdravje or like we say here: Salud!


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