One, Two, Three for the Maturity

In Yucatan, children play a special version of “hide and seek”, in which the ones who are hiding can sneak out, reach the base and cry out loud Uno, Dos, Tres por mi y por todos mis compañeros  (“one, two, three for me and all my companions!”).

If you know the game or have ever played it, no doubt you enjoyed the thrill of running out of your hideaway, avoiding being seen and then sneak out to the base and cry “one, two, three for me and all my companions!”

Words that, by the magic that is lived in childhood, meant that you saved yourself and all those who were playing with you.

In a similar way now in your adulthood, you can experience that same magic, by carefully reading this column, and discover the useful information we want to share with you.

Without a doubt, it will help you improve your performance and your daily sense of well-being in all areas of your life and you will discover that the key is to practice the “one, two three for the maturity“:

  1. One, learn to think, (get your thoughts in order)
  2. Two, educate your emotions, (let them flow in a serene way)
  3. Three, train yourself in social skills, (develop successful relationships)

The one, two, three, integrate the three dimensions that make you human –think, feel, relate– and has in the background a fourth dimension, morality, which is essential to train your thinking, affection and relationship skills and make them of greater human quality.

By training in these three dimensions of your personality, you will develop your ability to manage your own happiness and you can stand up and cry: “one, two, three for me and all my companions!”

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by Antonio Alonzo Ruiz

Antonio Alonzo Ruiz, is a 60-year-old Yucatecan graduated from the School of Philosophy and Theology at the San Ildefonso Archdiocesan Seminary in Yucatán. Clinical psychologist and psychotherapist from the Hispanic University of Mexico, specializing in cognitive impairment, psychostimulation and psychological intervention in older adults, by the MATIA Gerontology Institute of San Sebastian, Spain. He has 32 years of experience working directly with seniors and families.

He has 28 years of experience as a lecturer and instructor, as well as in support management, alliances and implementation of projects for seniors and their families, in several Mexican states and abroad.

Currently in Mérida, Antonio develops his professional activities in private practice, teaching in the Puebla University Institute (IUP), in the University Institute of Yucatan (IUDY) and the Universidad del Valle de México (UVM), in the Schools of Law, Criminology, Education and Psychology. He is the founding director of Crehas Formation and Development where he conducts human training workshops and provides consulting for educational, government and private institutions, as well as for individuals in Mérida Yucatán.

Antonio is also a columnist for Diario de Yucatán and Milenio on issues related to Adulthood and Senior Citizens. He has collaborated as an specialist on aging and human development with Grupo Televisa, MVS Radio and Grupo Fórmula and now he joins The Yucatan Times

Antonio Alonzo Ruiz, Clinical Psychologist, UVHM.

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