One new case of Tuberculosis is registered in Yucatan every 10 hours (SSP)

“One new case of Tuberculosis was registered in Yucatan every 10 hours, during the month of March”, reported the Federal Health Secretariat (SSP), which means more than twice the number of cases compared to the same period last year.

In epidemiological week number 12, from March 17th to 23rd, 18 new cases were detected in Yucatan, the second highest figure of the year.

So far this year, 5,116 confirmed cases have been registered in Mexico, with an increase of 7.2 percent, compared to the same period during 2018, when only 4,770 were detected.

In the state of Yucatan, the increase goes up to 105.7 percent, since it went from 52 to 107 subjects infected with this respiratory illness.

This figure exceeds by far the situation that prevails in Campeche, where the growth was 48.4 percent, for a total of 46 cases, while in Quintana Roo, the decrease is 61.6 percent, with 127 cases.

Veracruz is the State with the highest number of people infected with Tuberculosis, 672, representing 13.1 percent of the national total, followed by Baja California, with 395 (7.7 percent), and Tamaulipas, with 382 (7.5 percent).

In Yucatan and Coahuila there are 107 people infected, respectively, 2.09 percent of the national total, preceded by Puebla, with 108, (2.11 percent), and Oaxaca, with 84, (1.6 percent).

Whooping Cough (Tos Ferina)

In the case of whooping cough, a highly contagious respiratory tract infection that is easily preventable by vaccine, ten cases have been registered in Yucatán, while Campeche and Quintana Roo are free of this desease.

194 confirmed cases of this immuno-preventable disease in all of Mexico, which shows an increase of 148.7 percent over the same period of the previous year, when the figure was of 78.

While in Yucatán, the number of Whooping Cough cases went from 3 to 10.

People who test positive for this acute infectious-contagious disease that affects the respiratory system, show typical symptoms of strong cough or paroxysms.

At the moment, the disease has already been detected in 22 states, and Yucatán is among the top six with the highest incidence, with 5.1 percent of the national total.

10 states are free of this disease, among which stands out Campeche, Quintana Roo and Tabasco.

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