One more death due to medical negligence in Mérida

The Secretary of Health, Mauricio Sauri Vivas, talked about the unfortunate death of a disabled young person at the doors of the Dr. Agustín O ‘Horan Hospital, on the evening of Monday April 15, staff of the unit attended to Mrs. Teresa C. who arrived with her 18 year-old son Eleazar Emmanuel Tziu Castañeda to the emergency area.

According to the mother’s testimony, she took her son to the hospital in Oxkutzcab where they gave her a document for the patient to be admitted at the O ‘Horan Hospital in Mérida, where medical attention was denied when she arrived around 6 PM. She sat down on the sidewalk, and minutes later, her son died in her arms.

However, State Health Secretary Mauricio Sauri declared on Wednesday April 17th, that from the moment that the presence of the mother and her son was detected, the person in charge of the surveillance filter of the emergency area received them and admitted them immediately due to the seriousness of the patient’s clinical situation.

It is worth mentioning that, according to the “Agustín O’Horán” hospital records, the young man had a medical record dating from July 2018, when he was admitted due to a case pneumonia and recurrent respiratory infections. Besides, the patient had infantile cerebral palsy.


Sauri Vivas stated that a deep and extensive investigation is being carried out in relation to this case, to determine if the protocols of attention were properly followed by the medical staff. He stressed that in case of detecting any type of negligence on the part of the hospital’s personnel, corrective measures will be taken as necessary.

The General Secretariat of Government and the office of Citizen Attention are in contact with the family, to provide them with all the necessary support and attention, in the face this unfortunate event.

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