New Marina projected for the Celestún harbor

A gasoline distribution company promotes the construction of new infrastructure to facilitate the loading of ships’ fuel in Celestún, Yucatán.

With an investment of 900 thousand pesos, the company Estación de Servicio de Sisal plans the construction of a marina in the port of shelter of Celestún.

The company has already presented the project to the Semarnat Yucatán, dated April 11, and consists of the construction of two wooden piers three meters wide by 22 meters long each, which in turn will have four additions of three meters long by 1.5 meters wide, with a capacity to house 12 vessels.

According the developers, the project is totally compatible with the land use of the area, and borders to the north with the Celestun harbor; to the south with an industrial freezer facility; to the east, with the body of water and to the west, with a gas station.

The goal of this Marina, as it is detailed in the project, is to facilitate the service of small boats inside the port of shelter of Celestun, “since not having a dock in front of the gas station generates disorder and causes considerable delays for the fishing community and the general public in the port”.


Entrepreneurs believe that this project can improve the gas station situation during peak hours, in addition to providing new spaces for berthing and mooring of boats.

The estimated investment is 904,800 pesos, which includes a budget to pay for environmental impact prevention and mitigation measures, calculated at 95 thousand pesos.

The Yucatan Times Newsroom with information from