Mérida registers the lowest fuel prices in the peninsula

Out of the three capital cities of the Yucatan Peninsula, Merida currently registers the lowest price in gasoline and diesel. Magna is in 18.61 pesos, while in Campeche the price is 19.43 and in Chetumal, 19.65 per liter.

It should be noted that the average fuel prices nationwide are:

  • Magna 19.40 pesos per liter
  • Premium 20.19 pesos per liter
  • Diesel 21.05 pesos per liter

Besides, in the last month, Magna gasoline went down 1.33 pesos, important figure for motorists who for a long time were affected by the recurrent hikes.

And although the difference is considerable, there are establishments such as the service station located on the Merida-Progreso federal highway, where the price for Magna is 18.40 pesos per liter.

It is observed that gasoline in the capital of Yucatan is 1.04 pesos cheaper than in Chetumal and 70 cents less than in Campeche, (talking about Magna).

In the case of the Premium, there is also a difference of 1.01 pesos with Chetumal and 73 cents, with Campeche. Prices vary from day to day, so these data only serves as a reference.

It is necessary to remember that the federal government modified the fiscal stimulus scheme that applies to gasoline and diesel so that the prices are not increased beyond the real terms.

TYT Newsroom with information from Punto Medio