Mérida mayor announces investment for a veterinary hospital within the Centenario Zoo

After the tragic death of a zebra at the Centenario Zoo in recent days, the mayor of Mérida announced the investment for a veterinary hospital within the Zoo premises.

Mérida, Yucatán, April 25, 2019.- Mérida mayor Renán Barrera Concha, lamented the events that took place last weekend at the Centenario Zoo, where a male zebra died presumably from a heat stroke, before the eyes of several visitors who were in the place at the moment.

In response to this tragedy, and to prevent these type of situations, the municipal president said that a veterinary hospital will be installed within the Centenario Zoo facilities, in order to properly monitor the animals, and be prepared for any emergency. In fact, the Animaya Zoo in Ciudad Caucel has a veterinary hospital within premises.

“During my first administration we built the veterinary hospital in the Animaya Zoo, and now we will build one in the Centenario,” stated Barrera Concha.

The “Centenario” was founded in the year 1910, on the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of the independence of Mexico. It was created as a recreational park, featuring a botanical garden. However, in 1962 the park underwent an important remodeling, and it was turned into a zoo. Thirty years later an aviary was built.

The tragic death of a zebra was registered at the Centenario Zoo in recent days (Photo: Desde el Balcon)

The Mérida mayor highlighted that it absolutely imperative to have a specialized veterinary clinic at the Centenario Zoo, which has been housing animals for more than 55 years, therefore, the municipal administration will invest in this project.

In addition, he added that little by little, some species of animals that live in the Centenario will be moved to the Animaya Zoo, which features wider areas and where these animals will be able to have a better quality of life.

“All the animals, especially the large ones, will be moved gradually to the Animaya Zoo, which is specifically conceived and built to be a modern Zoo with all the necessary infrastructure,” concluded the mayor of Mérida.