Man commits suicide in Santa Cruz Palomeque (south of Mérida)

Suicides continue on the rise in the state of Yucatan.

On Monday April 16th, in the Santa Cruz Palomeque (south of Mérida), a 32-year-old truck driver hanged himself after arguing with his wife about an alleged infidelity.

The driver arrived from work and began to discuss with his wife for a supposed affair she was having behind his back (obviously). After the fight, he locked himself in his room and when she entered the room minutes later, she found him hanging from his neck. Thinking that she could still save him, she managed to take the body down and immediately called 911 emergency number, but as paramedics arrived on site, they could only confirm that the man had passed away.

During the proceedings, some women arrived to the house and verbally assaulted the widow, insulting her and yelling that “she was paying for her acts”, apparently they were referring to her alleged infidelity.

All this happened in the sight of the three children, who saw their father hanging from the neck, before the mother was able to take them out of the room.

TYT Newsroom with information from Yucatan Ahora