Man beats up his wife and then hangs himself in Tetiz, Yucatán

After arriving home drunk, 27 year-old Marcos Antonio Canché Poot assaulted his wife on the evening of Monday April 8th, in the municipality of Tetiz.

The woman managed to leave the house, and when she returned minutes later, she found her husband with a rope around his neck, hanging from a wooden beam inside their small “huano” house.

The events occurred at approximately 8 pm, on the property located on Calle 19, between 14 and 17 in the town of Tetiz, 55 kilometers West of Mérida.

Tetiz is located 55 kilometers (34 miles) West of Mérida (INEGI)

In desperation, Maria Mercedes Canché Chuc, 25, managed to cut the rope, she laid her husband’s body on the floor, but Marcos Antonio no longer had vital signs.

Paramedics of the SSP arrived to the scene, just to verify the death of the young man.

Statistics from the State Health Secretariat indicate that from January 1 to March 31 of this year, a total of 46 suicides have been registered in Yucatán (40 men and 6 women).

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