Drunk people will be rigorously sanctioned in Progreso´s Malecon

Authorities are taking the necessary steps to improve the tourism experience.

PROGRESO. – Authorities will sanction people in inconvenient condition on Progreso´s boardwalk, as well as harassing street vendors and service providers, as part of the measures to improve the experience for tourist who visit to the port.

Municipal Tourism of Progreso announced that people who use the boardwalk to drink alcoholic beverages will be harshly punished, and stated that in coordination with the Tourist Police, inspections will conducted in order to prevent these practices.

Drunkenness has caused on many occasions fights and brawls in the malecón area, resulting in injured people and damage to property or vehicles. Progreseños have demanded the authorities to control the excessive sale of beer and not to ignore the problems brought by the leery consumption of alcoholic beverages on the streets of Progreso.

It was also indicated, that there will be sanctions against harasing street vendors and service providers, a situation that has been going on for years, because vendors, trying to sell their products or services, end up annoying the national and foreign tourists, causing a bad image for the port.

The commercial tourism sector of Progreso has agreed to these measures in order to improve and grow in visitors.

The Yucatan