Body found floating in a cenote in Tixcacalcupul, Yucatán

TIXCACALCUPUL, YUCATÁN.- On Wednesday April 17 the lifeless body of 29 year-old Lázaro T. C. was found floating in a cenote. The emergency rescue teams managed to get the body out of the water during the afternoon.

Lázaro was reported missing from his hometown since Sunday April 14, so residents and agents of the municipal and state police implemented a search operation in the area.

When a pair of shoes were found floating in the water, the fact raised suspicions of death, and when locals found men’s clothing in the edge of the cenote, they began to believe that the man could have fallen in the water, but decided to wait for the body to come afloat.

On the afternoon of Wednesday April 17, a young man from Tixcacalcupul saw the body and gave notice to the municipal authorities.

The emergency services carried out the corresponding maneuvers and, with the help of firefighters, managed to extract the body from the cenote, before the look of astonishment of locals.

According to the ministerial police investigation, Lázaro ingested alcoholic beverages with friends before disappearing on Sunday April 15th, which may have been the cause of his death.

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