American tourist drowns in Bacalar, Quintana Roo

An American tourist by the name of Jason “N” (the man’s last name has not been revealed by local authorities), went swimming on Sunday April 28, around noon at the “Cenote Azul“, located inside the Bacalar Lagoon, but as the subject was nowhere to be found after almost an hour, agents of the Secretariat of the Navy of Mexico arrived on site to conduct a search operation.


The relatives of the now deceased requested help from the authorities for the rescue of Jason and after almost three hours of searching, specialized divers of the Mexican Navy, at last managed to find the body of the foreign tourist, who was approximately 40 years old.

After the rescue of the body, agents of the Navy delivered the deceased to the General Prosecutor’s Office of the State, who, in turn, after the corresponding autopsy of law, will deliver it to the victim’s relatives, so the remains can be taken back to their country of origin, the United States of America.

The Yucatan Times Newsroom with information from Noticaribe