Top Tools For Online Marketing In 2019

What’s your online marketing strategy this year?  No matter how you are looking to edge ahead of your competitor, it’s no secret that the right marketing tools are what you need to accomplish more. And no, Hootsuite and its likes aren’t the only tools you should look at today.

If you’re looking to get better insight into your customers, you need to offer your marketing team more research and investment opportunities. The better your marketing strategies, the more likely you are to increase your profits.

The Shift Towards Online Marketing
Traditionally, print media was the only means of reaching out to large masses and was expensive. Improvements in technology and digital marketing, however,  have enabled companies to reach out beyond geographical boundaries, assessing the responsiveness of customers in real-time. With the different new marketing tools and applications, 2019 offers you a variety of marketing tools to enhance your business capabilities and reach.

Google Analytics with PaveAI
Google Analytics remains the most popular and efficient tool available to assess consumer behavior. All you need is a Google account to get started. Access the web analytics tool to derive information about customers, prepare customized reports, communicate with them via email, and highlight any changes in a data series over time.

However, with PaveAI, you can do a whole lot more. You could access any site’s Google Analytics and get data-driven reports that come with deeper insights and recommendations, helping you reach your marketing goals faster.

Artificial Intelligence tools like Hubspot Content Strategy Tool
An extremely important marketing tool, the Hubspot content strategy tool helps you use artificial intelligence to determine your content strategy. Some other tools like Crisp, allow you to monitor your social channels for complaints and trolls and deletes them instantly.  In turn, it helps you understand consumer trends, the popularity of products and services, and helps devise better strategies and increase your business.

You could also go in for some online chatbot pop-ups as soon as you visit a website. These positively impact a consumer’s mindset and improve the overall customer experience. Companies are predicted to save approximately more than $7 billion per annum by integration chatbots as a business marketing tool.  

Social media marketing, done the right way, brings some great results. With numerous social media platforms, there is a need to utilize all these to their full capacity. It can be a time-consuming task to upload the same information several times on different platforms.

AgoraPulse allows you to manage all these different social media apps through one platform, assess your activities, communicate with existing and prospective customers through various online campaigns and schedule posts.

This digital marketing platform offers various tools that determine consumer behavior by recording website visitors, click maps, scroll maps, feedback and survey polls.

Adobe Spark: An amalgamation of 3 effective tools namely, Spark Page, Spark Post, and Spark Video which enables the creation of web pages, graphics and videos through various inbuilt themes.

Recordit: Windows-based screen recording software allowing marketers to record the computer screen and directly upload as a GIF file to the Recordit servers. Once the file has been recorded and is available on the server, you can directly distribute these or download it for future use.

Wistia; The video-creation business tool offers a secure platform to create, manage and share videos. Founded almost over a decade ago, it already has over 300,000 clients.

Eventbrite: An efficient marketing tool, Eventbrite enables marketers to promote events, enable registration, ticket booking and payment all through the use of one platform. This platform is available for free for all needs.

Typeform: Typeform is the new age marketing tool used to extract customer response by incorporating a communicative approach rather than asking customers to answer standard questionnaires. Your users will love the interactive content creation, lead generation and survey tool that gets customer feedback through quizzes and games.

Adstage: Another social media marketing platform that simplifies the hassles of conducting separate ad programs for each platform. You can create and manage content across several platforms all at once and receive reports on the performance and feedback from each of these campaigns through its effective automation tools.

With an extensive array of marketing tools, the digital platform is the most effective way to reach your customers and expand your business.


The Yucatan Times