To save his family, head of police surrenders to “sicarios”

Adrián Matsumoto Dorame realized that criminals were following him and his family, so he decided to face them.

Adrián Matsumoto Dorame head of the Ciudad Juarez Police Intelligence Group was with his wife and children when he realized that a criminal group was following them in two vans. They were going to kill him.

The Juarez Police officer decided to save his family. He parked his vehicle, descended from it and walked in the middle of the street facing his assailants. Immediately, the criminal group opened fire on Matsumoto Dorame. The policeman received at least 50 shots with high caliber weapons. His family was saved.

In recent weeks he had already been threatened in “narco signs” that appeared in the city. He did not let himself be intimidated and continued with his life. On the weekend, he was murdered in front of his family.

The mayor of Ciudad Juarez, Armando Cabada Alvídrez, attended the funeral of the policeman in the municipality of Nuevo Casas Grandes to honor his memory, also the mayor of Nuevo Casas Grande, Mario Galaz Griego; the municipal Public Safety Secretary, Ricardo Realivázquez; the holder of Municipal Transit, Sergio Almaraz and representatives of the Army, Federal Police, State Attorney General.

Source: Milenio Diario


The Yucatan Times



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