Thieves confess to have robbed Mérida’s Church of San Cristóbal

Jesus Humberto K. G. and Diego Eduardo B. A., both with a long criminal background, confessed that they robbed in the church of San Cristóbal, this in order to be benefited with an abbreviated procedure in trial.

Control judge Blanca Bonilla González endorsed the sentence agreed by the parties, for the crime of qualified robbery, which was three years and nine months in prison and a 57-day fine. They judge also required them for the payment of compensation for the damage.

The robbery occurred at dawn on November 20, 2018, when the two delinquents entered the parish office of the church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, located on Calle 69 (between 50 and 50-A), where they seized diverse objects, such as tools, a clock, a briefcase with five thousand pesos in cash, a lap top, a hard disk, and clothing, which are property of the Archdiocese of Yucatán.

They were discovered by the parish priest, who gave part to the Police of Mérida, whose elements came and caught the thieves not far from the parish office.

TYT Newsroom with information from SIPSE