The Top 5 places in Mexico you should visit

Mexico is a beautiful country with its own wonderful places: beaches, cities, mountains. Check out 5 amazing places in this incredible and interesting country.

Visit these 5 beautiful places in Mexico

Mexico is a beautiful country with its own wonderful places: beaches, cities, mountains. Every year, millions of English tourists come here to discover this incredible country that has an interesting culture and an amazing history. We want to suggest 5 great places to visit in Mexico. If you haven’t been in this country, start with our advice. And if you have visited Mexico earlier, check out if you saw these wonderful places. Even if yes, then you know exactly it’s worth to go there again!

1.- Cancun – the most attractive place

This is a famous place that has a lot of wonderful beaches and resorts. If you’re expecting for the amazing holiday, then plan your trip to Cancun, and you will never regret! Beautiful sea, fascinating lagoons, wonderful parks are waiting for you. Apart from the beaches, you can visit adventures places for the entire family or go to the interactive aquarium to know everything about marine life.

2.- Barrancas del Cobre – the most amazing place

If you like mountains, visit the Copper Canyon! You will be totally impressed by this great place. In fact, it’s deeper and longer than the Grand Canyon in the USA. Discover the magic nature of the mountains. For those people who prefer active rest, we suggest trying some extremal things like rafting, rappelling, or mountain biking. Tourists can travel to this place using the famous train El Chepe. You can even try camping and bird watching here! We guarantee you will receive tons of wonderful emotions. Wonderful nature and fresh air will help you to rest from the daily routine and refresh your mind.

3.- Sayulita – the capital of surfing

If you like surfing, go to the Bay of Banderas and visit a small and peaceful town Sayulita. This place is famous thanks to the incredible waves, and tourists come here to enjoy great surfing. Apart from this, Sayulita has wonderful landscapes and good places for an active life. Enjoy cool waves in the day, and visit various restaurants and pubs in the night. Taste new dishes and discover new places every day.

4.- San Miguel de Allende – an amazing historical place

If you are interested in learning the culture and history of Mexico, visit San Miguel de Allende and feel the wonderful atmosphere of this town. You can walk through beautiful old streets, taste national food in restaurants and cafes, and enjoy the city’s amazing architecture. Do not forget to visit Parish – this is a famous temple of this city. You will find here a lot of interesting places. It is a great city to learn the history and culture of Mexico.

5.- Oaxaca – an interesting place to learn the history

For those people who like to discover and learn historical facts about the places they visit, we suggest traveling to Oaxaca. Here you can go and see the widest tree in the world, or visit the archaeological site. You will find many unforgettable views, and feel the beauty of nature.

Discover Mexico and enjoy its wonderful culture, gastronomy, people, nature, and beautiful views you can save on your photos!

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