Pet Shipping Company: The Best Way You Can Ship Your Pet

If you have traveled with your pet before, you must know how hectic the whole process can be! More especially when you’re moving to countries such as Australia and the UK, where you must strictly follow the countries’ rules before you take your pet with you. Not to mention the transportation hassle that you have to go through before you successfully check in your furry friend at the airport.

The good news is that you don’t really need to experience with all those challenges again. You should hire a good shipping company to take care of your pet’s relocation. They’ll cater for your pet from booking the best-approved airline to a specific country, take your pet through all the paperwork, offer the right flight kennel for your pet, and ensure it is comfortable and has arrived at its destination safely and healthy. Here are some of the advantages of choosing a pet shipping company;

  1. You save time

Relocating your dog/cat to a country, such as Israel, on your own, will cost you more and it will take you more time than doing it with Pets2Fly, an Israeli pet shipping company. This is because you’re not an expert and therefore, you’ll need to search extensively before you decide on the right crate and airline for your dog/cat. Making the wrong decision will in return cost you more money.

  1. No stress

Your typical daily duties don’t have to come to a standstill just because you and your pet are taking a vacation overseas! To avoid it, you need to hire a reliable pet shipping company to handle all the stress that comes with the preparation when you’re traveling with your pet.  The company will take care of your pet right from providing its tickets to ensuring it has all the necessities and documents for you to have an easy time during your trip/relocation.

  1. No worries during your travel

Sometimes one cannot help it but worry about their furry friends when they’re out of your sight as you travel. However, with a professional pet travel agency, you don’t have to. The agency will assure you right before the flight that your pet will be safe and you can always call them in case you have any questions about the process.

  1. Your pet’s safety

Whether your cat will travel in the cabin or in a separate carrier, its security should be your first priority. A travel agency should be able to pick the right size crate to ensure your pet is safe during the entire trip. It will also identify a safe carrier for your pet, and ensure it’s tagged with all the required information. If you want to be sure everything is ok, hiring a professional pet travel agency shouldn’t even be a debate.


There you have it! Some of the benefits of hiring a pet shipping company instead of dealing with your pet’s relocation all alone. If you need to enjoy a stress-free trip together with your pet, be sure to contact a pet travel agency before you make your plans.

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