New rate increase to cross to Cozumel

A surprise increase in the rate for the tourist nautical crossing between Playa del Carmen and Cozumel was made by the company Ultramar this past weekend who established that the ticket that a year ago costed $140 pesos, as of March 2019 will cost $400 pesos and $500 for the “luxury service”.

This rate changes annoyed citizens and tourists who regularly make the crossing between these two tourist destinations given the conditions in which the island of Cozumel is currently located.

This increase is the third that applies the company Ultramar since the explosion of “Barcos Caribe”, without apparently any authority to control these increases in fares.

The first increase announced by this company was on March 26, 2018 at the beginning of Easter when the fare increased from $140 to $270 pesos, a year later, once again their fare raised to $400 and $500 pesos per round trip.

People who cross every day for work related reasons as well as Cozumel tour-operators have expressed their concern because this situation affects them directly in their costs.


The Yucatan Times