Missing senior citizen found in Mérida with wounded leg

As part of the actions to follow up on the reports of missing persons, the Directorate of the Municipal Police of Mérida confirmed the location of Luis Meneses Aké, 76 years old. The man was found walking on Calle 60 near the corner with Calle 63, half a block away from the Plaza Grande, in downtown Mérida.

With information provided through social networks, municipal police officers who were performing surveillance tasks on the downtown area, realized that an older adult coincided with the description of the person reported as missing, therefore , they approached the subject to corroborate his identity.

As they approached the man, they noticed that Meneses Aké had wounds on his left foot and leg, so they immediately requested the support of paramedics in order to provide him with the medical attention necessary.

After the injuries were reviewed and attended by the paramedics, the Municipal Police agents transferred Meneses Aké to the Department of Legal Affairs of the corporation, where it was verified that the citizen had been reported as missing in social networks.

The police officers proceeded to locate the man’s relatives, and moments later, Carlos Jesús Loría Meneses showed up at the corporation facilities, he identified Luis Meneses Aké and took charge of his family member.

TYT Newsroom with information from reporteroshoy.mx



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