“Mexico should be grateful for the conquest of Spain” – VOX

After Andrés Manuel López Obrador sent a letter to the king of Spain, Felipe VI, asking him to apologize for the violent acts committed during the Spanish conquest, a wave of criticisms and mockery against the Mexican president has risen.
The polemic becomes bigger because the Spanish ultra-right party Vox, made some statements that can be taken as offensive.
Through his official Twitter account, VOX, he pointed out that the apologies AMLO demands are unnecessary since he, Mexico and all of America, should be grateful because the Spaniards civilized them.

“López Obrador, Mexico and all of America should be grateful to the Spaniards for bringing civilization and putting an end to the reign of terror and barbarism to which they were subjected. Nothing more to say. Spain left New Spain as a rich and prosperous territory”.

In addition, the controversial declaration of the Spanish far-right party was shared by its leader, Santiago Abascal, who claims to be in total agreement with the declarations. That same publication is accompanied by an article exhibiting thousands of sacrifices to feed the gods of Tenochtitlan during the pre-colonial era.

The Yucatan Times