Mexico declares Sep. 2nd National Cacao & Chocolate Day

In ancient times, the Mayans considered cacao a gift from the gods, though it was briefly lost after the conquest, and then transformed by European hands into what we have come to know as chocolate.

The bitterness of Aztec beverages, the strength of Mayan cacao drinks, the subtlety of their combination with corn and achiote, as well as tablets made with cinnamon and vanilla were displaced by an European worldview.

Chocolate is deeply rooted in Mexico’s culture and history, and it has become an essential product to offer on holidays and festivities.

Data from the National Association of Chocolate Manufacturers (ASCHOCO) revealed that the chocolate market is valued at MXN$26 billion (USD$1.34 billion) in Mexico.

With aims of promoting the gastronomic, cultural, and touristic dissemination of this traditional product, the Mexican Senate unanimously approved the declaration of September 2 as the National Cacao and Chocolate Day.

Source: El Universal



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