Mayas will give much to talk about during 2019

On Tuesday March 12, several academic activities will be carried out within the framework of the LXXX anniversary of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), starting with two lectures on archaeoastronomy.

The INAH-Yucatán specialist, Ángel Góngora, stressed that during the year lectures, workshops, and in the end, the traditional Mayan symposium will take place in Mérida.

To begin with, researchers Eddie Ariel Salazar Gamboa and Raúl Mendoza Alcocer will present the recent studies carried out with pre-Columbian codex.

On March 12th, Salazar Gamboa will address the theme “Decoding the Dresden Codex, in the area of ​​eclipses”, and later, Mendoza Alcocer will focus on “The calendrical cycles of Venus within the Maya Codex of Mexico” .

“Recent studies related to the knowledge of Maya astronomer-priests, the work of two renowned specialists, will be announced,” Mendoza Alcocer said.

A workshop will be held focused on the study of fauna within the Mayan culture, on a date yet to be defined.

Throughout the year there will be various activities, addressing different topics related to archeology, anthropology, linguistics, among other items.

The Sixth Maya Culture Symposium will take place on December this year, which will be officially announced next July.

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