According to the National Consumer Price Index (INPC), the city of Merida had an increase in its prices of 0.47% during the first half of March, placing itself in the top of the cities with the greatest increase, below Tlaxcala, La Paz, Ciudad Acuña, Guadalajara and Cordoba.

This report, published by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), highlights an average increase of 0.26% in national prices compared to the last fortnight from 15 to 28 February.

However, compared to 2018 had a small decrease of .2% and .9% compared to 2017, which followed by 2010 and 2013, recorded a larger increase, with .46% and .52% respectively. The years with the lowest price increases were 2011 (.05%), 2012 (.05) and 2016 (.10%).

In the case of goods there was a decrease compared to 2017, by .19% in food, beverages and tobacco and .18 % in non-food goods.

In general services, housing registered an increase of 1 % over 2018 (12 %), while education did not increase at all. Amongst the products that had a rise are: gasoline (1.58%), lemon (50.72%), tomato (7.56%), LP Gas  (1.09%) and pumpkin (10.65%),  egg (1.63%), onion (2.46%), electricity (30%) and bananas (2.20%).

The price index for the basic basket increased by 0.35 %, as well as an annual rate of 4.12 percent. In the same half of 2018 the variations were .27% and 6.63%, respectively.

So far, at a national level, of the 10 cities that have had an increased in prices, Merida is in sixth place with .47%.


The Yucatan Times



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