“Jaguar Classic” top golf tournament in the state: March 6-10 at the Yucatan Country Club

In the framework of the tenth anniversary of the official opening of its clubhouse. The Yucatán Country Club will celebrate from March 6 to 10, the IX edition of the “Jaguar Classic 2019” Annual Anniversary Golf Tournament.

The event that was presented last week at the club, the ceremony was attended by

  • Carlos Sáenz Castillo; Head of IDEY
  • Emilio Díaz Castellanos; President of the Board of Directors of the Yucatan Country Club
  • Jorge Robleda Moguel; President of the Mexican Golf Federation (Federación Mexicana de Golf: FMG)
  • Oswaldo Millet Palomeque, Secretary of the board of directors of the Yucatán Country Club
  • Oswaldo González Prado, Representative of Banorte
  • Julio Sánchez Mejorada, Director of the Club House and this tournament’s director.

According to the organizers, this tournament is the most emblematic and representative in the state and includes categories for children, youth, women, men and seniors. Over 200 players have registered for this tournament.

From left to right: Carlos Sáenz Castillo; Head of IDEY; Emilio Díaz Castellanos; President of the Board of Directors of the Yucatan Country Club; Jorge Robleda Moguel; President of the Mexican Golf Federation and Oswaldo Gonzalez representative of Banorte. (Photo: TYT)

Julio Sánchez Mejorada said that the tournament will start on Wednesday, March 6, with the children’s and youth’s phases, and then continue on Thursday March 7, with the girls and senior categories. The men’s category will play Friday 9th, Saturday 10th and the final round will take place on Sunday March 10th.

He announced that one and a half million pesos will be handed out in prizes and gifts, and the 1st “Hole in One” of each day will be awarded with Land Rover, Jaguar, Porsche and Infiniti vehicles.

Jorge Robleda Moguel, head of the Mexican Golf Federation: FMG, pointed out that the Country Club is one of the best golf courses in Mexico and therefore one of the most requested by high quality players. Robleda stated he is very proud to belong to this club and to participate in this tournament with the rest of the club members. In fact, Jorge Robleda won the seniors category last year.

He congratulated Emilio Díaz Castellanos and all the other members of the tournament’s organization committee, and all of those people who have collaborated to turn The Yucatán Country Club into the paradise it is today.

“Everyone wants to come and play on this golf course, so Mr. Carlos Sáenz Castillo, you can go and show off at Conade (National Commission of Physical Culture and Sports / Comisión Nacional de Cultura Física y Deporte) that Yucatán has the best golf course not only in the Southeast, but in the whole country,” Robleda said.

In 10 years, the Yucatán Country Club and the “Jaguar Classic” have acquired national prestige, there is greater participation each year, and the local “Golf Academy” is producing talented young golfers, some of which are participating in this year’s tournament.

The Yucatan Times Newsroom congratulates the Yucatán Country Club on its 10th anniversary,  we are sure that the tournament is going to be a big success.

By Alejandro Azcárate for The Yucatan Times.