It’s official: Mérida elected to host Tianguis Turístico México 2020

Mexico’s TIANGUIS TURISTICO the giant annual international tourist fair finally comes to the White City in 2020, organizing committee announced on Thursday March 14th.

Merida’s election as the Tianguis Turístico México 2020 venue is significantly important for the destination from a Tourism point of view. The event will trigger a big economic spill, and for the first time, Yucatán will host influential tourism decision makers.

The vote was almost unanimous. Eleven of 12 ballots were cast for Merida; only one committee member voted for Mexico City, which entered a late bid, according to

The TIANGUIS TURISTICO will result in a huge economic boost for Mérida — an estimated 500 million pesos — to any city that hosts it.

Last year, this important tourism fair took place in the coastal city of Mazatlán. And this year’s TIANGUIS, will be held in Acapulco next April. Acapulco used to be the official venue for this important fair, from its 1975 inception until 2012, when organizers decided to take it to different locations.

Last year, State Tourism officials said they were confident that Merida had matured enough as a convention city to properly host this type of event.

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