Huichol art shines in Mérida

The detailed and meticulous work of the Huichol artists can be appreciated in Mérida thanks to the exhibition “Pasiones”, which contains 70 creations of the Wixárika ethnic group (aka  Huichol), and which was inaugurated this week at the Presidente Intercontinental hotel.

The opening was attended by the general director of Museums and Heritage of the Ministry of Culture and the Arts (Sedeculta), Ana Méndez Petterson, who accompanied the general manager of the place, Eloísa Vadillo Atoche, and the director of Menchaca Studio, César Menchaca , a tour of the works in small, medium and large format.

Ana Méndez, who attended on behalf of Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal, commented that “getting to know the forms of artistic expression of different indigenous peoples throughout the Mexican territory enriches us not only as individuals and as a society, but it also gives meaning to our identity as Mexicans.”

Mendez declared: “in 2019, we celebrate the year of the original languages, and in Mérida people can appreciate a sample of the wide diversity of our country.”

César Menchaca stressed that, in general, the 70 works total about five years of production, approximately 100 million beads, and the participation of more than 150 Mexican artists, including designers, sculptors and artisans.

During the tour, Pablo Carrillo, from Guadalajara, offered a sample of his art in a small format catrina sculpture.

The pieces are for sale, with prices ranging between 300 and 25 thousand pesos, although the amount goes up in the case of real-size figures or with details of gold and silver.

Hippos, camels, elephants, gorillas, eagles, turtles, jaguars and dolphins, as well as skulls and helmets of motorcyclists, are exhibited, among others.

All have multiple colors and a wide range of tonalities, which represent the spirit and life of the artisans of the Sierra Madre Occidental, who work in the workshops of Menchaca Studio.

This fantastic exhibition seeks recognition of Huichol art with the production of works, through the revaluation and dissemination of their culture.

The show, which has toured Mexico City, Puebla, Guadalajara and Cancun, arrived in Merida as part of the HospedArte program of the Intercontinental hotel chain

The exhibition is open to the public until April 26.

Hotel Presidente Intercontinental is located on the corner of Colon Avenue and 60th Street, Downtown Mérida.

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