Holbox, MX.-A Naturally Protected Area called Yum Balam, that is situated 98 km west of Cancun, is an environmental ticking time bomb, as there is an open landfill right there, and it only gets worse during the rainy season.

The landfill, that is closed to the public has been operating since july 2018 by the Eco V company, it is located next to the “Arenas del Recuerdo” cemetery, and represents a risk to the population as it could turn into a point of infection and a danger to the general publicHolbox, al borde de la emergencia sanitaria

In addition, lacking a membrane, toxic waste filtrates directly into the soil. And is that filtering that occurs in a site of final disposal of solid waste, containing a large amount of ammoniacal and organic nitrogen, soluble hydrocarbons, heavy metals such as nickel, zinc, lead and cadmium; a very high level of salinity and a high chemical oxygen presence, its contact with drinking water will have irreversible (and even lethal) consequences.

Although the infrastructure is not adequate, the City Council headed by Nivardo Mena continues to issue permits for construction near the area.

Holbox used to be a zone of virgin beaches, pristine clear blue waters and magnificent natural sceneries, but today, the island and the wetlands on the continental side, have been turned into a garbage deposit, due to a total lack of planning and prevention by the local authorities.

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