Heat and lack of rain cause the strongest drought in 20 years in Yucatan

The conditions indicate one of the most extreme droughts of the last 20 years in Yucatán, as high temperatures prevail, which causes most of the territory to be very dry, as a result of the lack of rain.

Faced with this situation it is advisable to take all kinds of precautions, avoiding throwing cigarette butts on the roadsides, as well as glass containers. Also, people must report any fire to 911, even if it is a small one.

The meteorologist of the Institutional Committee of Extreme Meteorological Phenomena of the UADY, Juan Montalvo Vázquez, recalled that March is characterized by droughts, with extreme temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius, considered already within normal.

However, he clarified that since the season of cold fronts ends until May, it is not ruled out that there will be some in the region. In fact, it is expected that a frontal system will arrive to the territory in the coming days.

“This system must reach the area on Monday March 18, I do not know its intensity, which will cause some rain in the interior of the state. Its effects would be felt until Thursday March 21, with a cooling in the temperatures. We will have maximum records of 29 to 31, with minimums of 16 to 18, “he said.

“The cold front will last for two or three days, with prevailing winds from the North”, he added, after commenting that those rains that are expected next week are known as “plums”.

The specialist said that after this cold front, the drought will continue, which is considered normal, due to the deficit of rainfall that we have been dragging since last year, coupled with the effects of the phenomenon of “El Niño“.

“A very strong drought is predicted with very high temperatures and a very hot weather, which will become dangerous, because there are conditions that might trigger forest fires. The vegetation is very dry and there is also a strong wind, so this is one of the great dangers that we are going to face, “he added.

Finally, Vázquez Montalvo called for redoubling precautions and avoid making bonfires or burning garbage.

TYT Newsroom with information from yucatanalamano.com