Former Mexican first lady demands 35 vehicles and private flights to sign divorce

The former Mexican first lady, Angélica Rivera has a few requests to sign the divorce papers to end her marriage with former President Enrique Peña Nieto, according to journalist Salvador García Soto.

The journalist affirms that the actress had demanded 35 cars for her and her family, as well as private flights for the next 12 years so that she is not “attacked or mocked.”

García Soto revealed that the divorce papers were ready before December 1, when Peña Nieto’s presidency came to an end but for some reason, the former President delayed signing them. Once pictures of him and his girlfriend, model Tania Ruíz, were made public, and after his wife insistence, he finally proceeded with the divorce.

Soto explains that what was supposed to be a peaceful agreement between the two parties has become a series of demands, conditions, and complaints from Angélica Rivera.

On October 2018, García Soto revealed the couple was planning to divorce but her eldest daughter denied the claims.




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