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‘Earthquake fish’, the species that predicts catastrophes in the world

by Yucatan Times
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The Bible warns about ‘the signs of the last days’, but in this case, the signal is given by a fish and, apparently, this is a messenger of bad news.

But, where does this belief come from? In Japan they have the figure of ‘Namazu‘, a sea serpent that lives under the island and appears everytime an earthquake is about to happen. For that reason in that nation sighting of these animals generate feart among the population.

It was the year 2011 in Japan when this fish appeared on the coast just before the earthquake and tsunami of Fukushima, which claimed the lives of 20 thousand people. This fact confirmed the legend of the ‘Earthquake fish’ (Namazu for the Japanese).

Japanese folklore has it that they move to shallower seas before underwater earthquakes, possibly due to electromagnetic changes that occur with tectonic activity. (Photo: ndtv.com)

In the coastal city of Mancora, Peru; the residents are on alert, from the moment a fisherman captured one of these oarfish, which according to the legend, warns of a natural disaster.

Why be alert for the appearance of an oarfish?

The oarfish or earthquake fish as they are also known, measure approximately five meters while their ‘giant’ version comes to measure more than eleven meters, which makes it the longest vertebrate fish in the world.

The reason of the panic for its appearance is that this species rarely goes over the surface, since they live in the depths of the ocean and it is believed that they may be susceptible to the movements of seismic faults, which could be why they surface just before an earthquake is about to happen.

That is why geologists and other experts take the appearance of this fish seriously, as it may indicate a possible change or alteration of tectonic plates. An in fact, this could actually help to foresee natural disasters and prevent material and human losses.

TYT Newsroom with information from SIPSE

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