Cuarteto Yucatán: another successful season in the “White City”

The Yucatan String Quartet will perform at the final concert of its 2018 – 2019 season on Thursday, March 28 at beautiful Hacienda Santa Cruz. With any luck, you can still find a ticket to listen to these extraordinary world class musicians.


The Quartet has undergone a transformation in recent years that has made it one of the most successful musical groups in the state, Mainly since they changed management.

Samuel Rafinesque, who is also a professional musician and member of the Yucatan Symphony Orchestra, took the reins of the Quartet only a couple of years ago, changed their main venue to Hacienda Santa Cruz de Palomeque, gave a new approach to the promotion of the group through a strong strategy based on content marketing and social media, and in short, changed the identity of this musical group, placing them within a new perspective that has positioned “Cuarteto Yucatán” as one of the most important and outstanding cultural shows in the capital of the state.

Samuel Rafinesque (QUOI de NEUF Mérida)

Samuel, whose instrument is the French horn, also serves as representative of artists and coordinator of cultural events, as he is the CEO of IBU Producciones, an agency that produces audio and video, organizes and manages concerts, recitals and all kind of musical events.

In addition, Samuel Rafinesque is also the creator and leader of the organizing committee of the Mérida International Brass Festival, which takes place every two years in this city and involves the participation of master musicians of all nationalities who come to Yucatán to instruct a large number of young students who had previously registered, and traveled to Mérida from all over the country to take part in the workshops and master classes that take place during the festival.

Cuarteto Yucatán at Hacienda Santa Cruz (Foto: Cortesía)

The musicians that make up the Cuarteto are all conservatory musicians who have studied in some of the most important music schools in Europe and the United States.

They are residents of the city of Mérida, members of the Yucatan Symphony Orchestra and recognized as specialists in their respective instruments.

The Yucatan Times conducted exclusive interviews with each of these wonderful musicians.

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by Alejandro Azcárate for The Yucatan Times