Citizens of Cozumel save dog that was being dragged behind a municipal police car

Municipal police officers in Cozumel, Quintana Roo, were confronted by residents, because they were caught dragging a poor dog that was tied to their vehicle, along the streets of the island. Besides, the animal already showed signs of abuse.

Citizens forced the agents on board official vehicle number 7164 to stop on Calle 5 Sur, Colonia Adolfo López Mateos, and demanded the cops to stop, and to place the dog in the back of their pick-up truck, as it was being taken to the Animal Control Center (CCA). The dog was bleeding from his paws.

Although the action was not caught on video, a Cozumel resident recorded the moment a woman was yelling at the agents, while one of them places the injured dog in the back of the vehicle.


Guido Renán Rosas López, director of the Cozumel Municipal Police, explained that the officers responded to a citizen complaint claiming two dogs were fighting on the street, and a group of children were playing near-by, so the police officers arrived on site, caught one of the dogs, while the other managed to run away.

The Municipal Police officers declared that the dog was uploaded to the back of the vehicle, but the animal jumped off while the car was moving, the cops did not notice, and dragged the dog along several streets, as it was tied on a leash, until the residents saw them, forced them to stop and to place the animal inside the vehicle again.