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Case of school teacher dating student, derives in child pornography

by Yucatan Times
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The case of the teacher who fell in love with his underage student led to child pornography.

A few days after the accusations against “Maestro Toni”,  it became evident that Antonio Concha Aguilar, a native of Telchac Pueblo, was having sexual relations with his student of Cobay- Dzemul, a 17-year-old girl. The case resulted in child pornography, since nude photos of the minor are now circulating on the world wide web.

The Penal Code of Yucatan states that the crime of Child Pornography is committed when it concerns a person under 18 years of age. Article 211 says: Whoever procures or facilitates by any means that one or more minors (under eighteen years old), with or without their consent, compels or induces them to perform acts of corporal, lascivious or sexual exhibitionism, with the object and purpose of video-recording, photography or display through print or electronic media, with or without the purpose of obtaining a profit, is committing the criminal offense of Child Pornography, and could be imposed from five to ten years in prison and from four hundred to five hundred days-fine.

The same crime, in the Federal Criminal Code of Mexico has greater sanction. Article 202, sustains that the perpetrator of this crime could be sentenced from seven to twelve years in prison and be fined from eight hundred to two thousand days.

In this way, the parents or guardians of the underage student can not only report the facts in the General Prosecutor’s Office of Yucatan but also before the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic (previously called PGR).

The mayor of Telchac Pueblo,  Juan Jacobo López Álvarez, informed that he asked Antonio Concha Aguilar to resign as Justice of the Peace in that municipality and face the charges against him.

On his Facebook profile, Antonio Concha Aguilar states that he went to the School of Law of UADY in Mérida.

However, due to his illegal relationship with a minor, he accumulates several crimes such as pedophilia, corruption of minors, statutory rape and, if it is confirmed that he disseminated nude images of the victim, child pornography.

In his social networks, Concha Aguilar also says that he is a keyboardist for Grupo Desafío de Telchac Pueblo Yucatán, that he was born and raised in Telchac Pueblo, studied at the Eulogio Palma School and is married to Leysi Hernández Pacheco.

In February 2018 he published a photo of him with his wife and two children, with the text “The greatest gift that God can give us, is the FAMILY”.

TYT Newsroom with information from yucatan.com.mx

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