Canine and feline sterilization campaign in Ticul, Yucatán

The canine and feline sterilization (spay and neuter program) campaign promoted by the local health department, in coordination with the City Council, started last week with good response from the citizenship.

According to the managers, the sterilization of approximately 40 pets was scheduled, by the people who made the requests and complied with the requirements.

Prior to the surgeries, in recent days talks were offered to the owners of animals on how they should care for their pets, after the operations are performed.

The audiovisual room in Ticul’s House of Culture was enabled as the space for surgeries of dogs and cats. Four veterinarians were in charge of the activity, who worked for several hours.

The authorities highlighted the importance of the sterilization of these animals as a way to prevent the problems of the overpopulation of street dogs that roam the city. They called on the community to participate in this type of campaigns and take care of their pets.

On March 24th, e a second free campaign of sterilization of dogs and cats will start in Ticul.

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