Ancient Maya “Snake of the wind” appears only to shock tourists in Chichen Itza

Merida, Yucatan.- At around 14:30 hours on Friday, a rare wind phenomenon surprised the visitors of Chichen-Itza, as not only is it an abnormal sight to see, it was located right in front of the steps of the great pyramid of Kukulcan, which in ancient Maya tradition always appears 5 days before and 5 days after the beginning of spring.

This phenomenon ocurred, when there were nearly 3,000 tourists visiting this popular archaeological site. This type of gust of wind, also known as “dust devil” is locally called “Kaan Iik’” (wind snake in Maya language), rose several meters into the air creating a whirlwind that was caught in video by several people that immediately uploaded the footage to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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