A dead baby was found in the parking lot of Mercado San Benito de Mérida

On Mrach 1st, a baby was found dead near the San Benito market in Mérida, the body of the child was in the parking lot of the place, inside his baby carrier and with a white blanket on top; until now the exact cause of death is still unknown.

The authorities did not provide information on the matter and remained very secretive, which led to several versions regarding the death of the child.

Unofficially it was reported that the baby was apparently inside a car in his baby carrier and died of dehydration, however this information has not been confirmed, besides, the child’s body was found in the middle of the market’s parking lot, in downtown Merida.

Agents of the municipal police of Mérida cordoned off the area and closed the streets. Personnel of the Medical Forensic Service and staff of the State Attorney General’s Office also arrived on site to initiate the corresponding investigations.

It was also said that the mother was taking her sick baby to the doctor, when she realized that the child was already dead and for some reason left the dead child there. Fact is that the woman went to the Mérida Municipal Police, that the authorities interrogated her, and are now investigating what really happened.

TYT Newsroom with information from laverdadnoticias.com