5 people detained in two vessels for illegal fishing off the coast of Yucatán

As part of the joint surveillance operation carried out off the Yucatecan coast, state and federal authorities along with the Mexican Armed Forces seized 2 vessels, fishing equipment and detained 5 people, who were engaged in poaching activities 6 nautical miles from the port of San Felipe, Yucatán.

According to the report of the security forces and the Mexican Navy (Semar), the arrest of the subjects, the seizure of the ships and the fishing equipment was carried out in response to a report made by the of local fishermen who informed the authorities about the illegal activities at sea.

The assurance was recorded when personnel on board the frigate 1107, belonging to the Semar, returned after conducting a surveillance tour on high seas and detected the vessels and persons previously reported, who tried to escape, but couldn’t gt away from the Navy boats.

During the operation the boats “Ardold IV” and “Jazheel”, were seized along with a compressor and diving equipment, among them a visor-nozzle and a tank to pass oxygen, and a small amount of cannabis.

The detainees are E.J.P.G 23, J.D.P.C 21, J.J.A.T 19, J.M.P.C, whose age was not specified, and J.M.C.C 26, all from the municipality of Dzilam González.

In this operation, members of “Pescadores Unidos” and “Pescadores Legítimos” participated and collaborated with the authorities in this operation of permanent surveillance to prevent poaching, which covers the entire coast of the state. Members of the Army, Semar, Federal Police, Secretariat of Public Security, Attorney Generals of the Republic and State are participating in a coordinated manner.

TYT Newsroom with information from yucatanalminuto.com