Yucatecan entrepreneurs go all out in Vegas showcase

Even though 3D printing already was a part of the yucatecan scene, for medical reasons and many hobby`s like “cosplay” or the collection of figurines, but never had such a group of young minds had a great shocase this past december at the “Consumer Electronic Show 2019” in Las Vegas, NevadaEl equipo de yucatecos que creó la impresora 3D “Max-K”. (Daniel Sandoval)

The Local company known as “Emot” launched the “Max-K” the first ever 3D printer with direct access to google assistant services, this being said it opens up a giant field of opportunity making it available from your phone, or any linked device

This was of course made possible with two year financing from the “CONACYT”

The company that mostly specializes in medical services of the 3D printing field, have also developed many other medical products one of them being a device that monitors, blood pressure temperature as well as heart rate, among others.

TYT News with information from: Sipse