The president of the National Chamber of the Industry of Restaurants and Seasoned Food in Yucatan (CANIRAC) Alejandra Pacheco Montero, in an interview mentioned that the conditions of security, peace and tranquility offered by the city of Merida and the state of Yucatan, are conducive for national and foreign investors to establish businesses in the restaurant sector in order to offer the market new options in gastronomy and cuisine.

“We have seen a great variety that ranges from foods from other states, to other countries, as well as new trends in other types of food such as vegan. That is because consumption patterns have changed significantly and Yucatan can offer many new options, besides security, which contributes to more people coming to Mérida” she explained.

She also mentioned: “The demand for restaurants that offer alternative styles of food has increased, because people no longer come with the only idea of ​​eating something at breakfast, lunch or dinner. Now people are looking for an experience. New proposals of flavors, ingredients, aromas, that often come together in different styles across the world”.

Photo La Casa de los Lotos Comida Tailandesa @LaCasadelosLotos

The business leader stressed that now, the competition is greater, so it is vital to carry out an important work in the preparation, not only by offering a good meal, but also creating an experience, with better service and attention to costumers. “Now restaurateurs have to be prepared in a better way, to be the best in their kind, from the smallest to the largest, with their different types of food” she explained.

More than 13 thousand food businesses
Among the hundreds of members of CANIRAC, you can find some that offer homemade Thai or Italian food, to name a few. It is estimated that in the state there are more than 13 thousand food businesses, with around 65 thousand families depending on them.

She added that the implementation of digital applications to place food orders helps to boost sales; however, there are those who prefer to go to the premises to consume freshly prepared food on site.

Alejandra Pacheco Montero mentioned that most of these 13 thousand businesses are in informality.


The Yucatan Times