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Yucatán is the leader state in investment, security and fight against corruption, survey says

by Yucatan Times
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The national survey on the conditions of government in Mexico was recently conducted, the purpose of the survey was to determine and evaluate the government conditions prevailing in the country through a sampling frame of Facebook users over 18 years of age living in each of the 32 Mexican states.

The unit selection procedure consisted in the development of 32 publications aimed at a target audience with access to social networks through mobile devices. The selection of the participating public was based on interests in national media, opinion leaders and traditional and digital news.

The sample size was 9,000 surveys conducted with a margin of error of +/- 1.03% on effective sample in homogeneous population of 50%. The confidence interval was 95% and the survey was conducted from February 8th to 10th, 2019.

It is worth noting that the answers obtained are effective since the respondent decided to access the survey, without causing a quantifiable rejection value since the presentation is different from the field survey method where it is possible to record the rejection of the user’s response.

When accepting the survey on his/her Facebook profile, the person is granted access, if the Facebook user omits the publication, the survey does not appear again because of lack of interest.

A few days after the company CAUDAE Estrategias revealed in a survey that the governor of Yucatan, Mauricio Vila Dosal came up in first place in honesty and trustworthiness; Arias Consultores, a house specialized in polling through Facebook, reveals that the state is considered the first place at national level for investment attraction.

Good health services, public works and the confidence of businessmen, as well as support for people in vulnerable situations, as well as the fight against corruption, make Yucatán the best place to live, due to its high quality of life, according to the poll by Arias Consultores.

In the first month of the year, the Yucatán DIF headed by Cristina Castillo Espinosa occupies the first place in performance with more than 50%, in second place comes Nayarit with 49.2% and in third place Campeche, with 46.5%.

Again, Yucatan came up in first place with 75.1%, followed by Tabasco with 63.5% and in third place Chiapas with 57.1%. The last positions in this category went to San Luis Potosí with 13.1%; Baja California with 12.8%  and Nuevo León, with 9.6%.

Yucatán leads the sector with 63.3%; Tamaulipas follows with 45.7% and Sinaloa with 45.5%.

The last positions in this category went to Nuevo León with only 13.3%; Zacatecas with 14.6% and San Luis Potosí with 17.3%.

Yucatán was placed on top of the pyramid with 48.1%; followed by Nayarit with 41.4% and Tamaulipas with 40.0%.

In this category, Yucatan has 48.1%; followed by Tamaulipas with 46.2% and Sinaloa with 46.2%.

Yucatán stood out with 47.3%; then Tabasco with 44.8% and Tamaulipas with 39.8%. 11.0%. The last positions in this category went to the State of Mexico with 8.1%; Nuevo León with 9.4% and San Luis Potosí with 11%.

Here, Baja California Sur appears in the first place with 61.1%; then Campeche with 54.7% and Yucatán with 53.3%.

The last positions in this category went to Tabasco with 13.0%; State of Mexico with 14.% and Nuevo León with 15.3%.

Yucatán holds the first place with 40.6%; followed by Nayarit with 35.9% and Tamaulipas with 35.5%.

The last positions in this category went to San Luis Potosí with 4.7%; Baja California with 5.4% and Nuevo León with 5.5%.

Yucatan again comes up first with 53.4%; in second place Nayarit with 43.2% and in third Campeche with 42.6%.

The last positions in this category went to Quintana Roo, with 5.2%; Baja California with 6.3% and Nuevo León with 7.5%.

TYT Newsroom with information from laverdadnoticias.com

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