Violence and abuse against women, children and teenagers on the rise in Yucatán

Gina Villagómez, researcher at the Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán UADY, and member of the council of support for women of the city of Mérida, explained that Yucatán occupies, according to data from surveys conducted in 2018, the seventh place in violence against women and minors nationwide.

She said the Yucatecan society is still expectating a response from the authorities, in order to prevent violence, since the warning for a gender alert filed last year, apparently was not enough.

“We have made a request for gender violence alert to the National Commission to Prevent and Eradicate Violence (Comisión Nacional para Prevenir y Erradicar la Violencia: Conavim) and the federal government, because Yucatán is among the first places of violence against women, children and adolescents,” stated Villagómez.

She also stressed that although in numerical terms, the number of femicides in Yucatan is lower than in other states, the serious problem is that femicides in the state are perpetrated by the victim’s own sentimental partners or former partners.

“Yucatan occupies one of the places with fewer femicides in numerical terms, the alert was not for femicide, but for gender violence, which occurs mainly at home,” she added.

Villagomez emphasized that it is urgent for authorities to take preventive actions not only in Mérida but all over the state, to prevent violence through social programs that could create awareness and educate people in order to eradicate this problem.

“Yucatán is in the 7th position at national level in cases of abuse and violence, mainly against women, children and adolescents, and that has not been sufficiently addressed by federal, state or municipal authorities,” Gina Villagómez concluded.

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