Trump’s State of the Union Inspired Some Very Good Memes

From Nancy Pelosi’s “petty clap” to the president’s tie debacle.

Trump’s 2019 State of the Union was an endless peroration through his usual combination of peculiar tangents and baseless immigration claims,(CNN fact-check) condimented with some unconvincing calls for unity. Fortunately there were three great moments in one single event, that inspired some very good, amazing memes.

  1. Nancy 

Nancy Pelosi´s applause was, without question, the greatest part of the evening, and it also made for an equally strong meme:

2. The tie

3. Joshua

Last but not least, we had Joshua Trump the sixth-grader who was invited to the State of the Union after allegedly getting bullied about his last name at school. Joshua proved himself to be a worthy recipient of the meme train long before he climbed the steps of the US Capitol on Tuesday night:

God knows, Joshua during the speech, showed the world how most of the people in the United States feels about the State of the Union in one single image.  

Let´s hope next year’s is as fun as this one.


The Yucatan Times



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