Several Reasons to Use Quotes in Your Presentation

A well-chosen quote can set a particular tone for the presentation being prepared thus lead to success. If you want to impress your listeners with your work, then we have some useful info for you over here. In this post, we will explain to you how to effectively pick quotes and apply them correctly!

The Art of Choosing a Quote

When using long and complex quotes, a part of your listeners may not understand exactly what you mean. Sometimes a long quote looks appropriate, but only when you read it quietly. So before deciding on a quote to pick on, prepare a selection of several variants and select the shortest one. By the way, the rule “the shorter the better” applies to both quotations and the entire text you are going to present. Express yourself easier, and listeners will be less tired of all the info you are going to deliver. Apart from just being laconic, a quote must make sense. Ensure it is straight to the point, relevant, and assists you in your telling a story.

The Art of Using Quotes

The best technique for establishing trust is to start it all with a quote. Placing a quotation at the beginning of the presentation catches the attention of listeners from the very first word you say. This is what you aim for, right? So let’s do it!

You can also use quotations not only on the first two slides. Feel free to add a quote to any slide, as long as it fits the theme. Here is a short task that will be useful for you:


  • Find a quote;
  • Decide on the “position” for it so that the quote fits the context;
  • Check that you correctly note down the quote;
  • Do not forget to specify the name of the person being quoted. If the author is not well known, you can also provide additional info about him. Then present a quote so that it fits the main theme. You can even write it on a special card and explain the connection between the theme and the quote.

What Tools Will Help You Find Quotes?

We live in the digital are, so you do not need to visit the library and spend hours reading various literature in search of suitable quotes. All the data are available online, and there are some services that can assist you in your search:

  • Forbes Quotes;
  • The Quote Garden;
  • com;

Forbes is especially useful for those working on a business presentation, whereas Quote Garden and BrainyQuote are more universal but still very useful.

Use Quotes Wisely

With a straight to the point quote, you have the chance to inspire listeners and make sure your work will be remembered for a long time. It also has a great effect on the image – a reference to a famous person at the beginning – is much better than simply explaining something with your own words. Just pick the right quotes, use them wisely, and your work will turn into something more than just a selection of facts and predictions. Go on and do it wisely.

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