Renán Barrera joins forces with Boy Scouts to preserve Mérida’s environment

With high-impact goals that will further strengthen environmental care in the municipality, the City of Mérida and the Association of Scouts of Mexico A.C. (ASMAC), signed a collaboration agreement, an act that was chaired by mayor Renán Barrera Concha.

In front of hundreds of young people and adults who make up the great family of the Scouts, the mayor remarked that the vision of his government is to undertake reforestation actions with the help of citizens and encourage the responsible use of public spaces.

The agreement, which was carried out within the framework of the Municipal Development Plan “Mérida con Futuro Sustentable“, having as objectives to advance towards sustainability while respecting biodiversity, green infrastructure, urban solid waste management, environmental education and raise awareness for an ecological conscience.

In his message, Renán Barrera said that this agreement also endorses the City Council’s commitment to the integral formation of the youth in Mérida.

He emphasized that the the collaboration with the Scouts will bring great satisfaction among the citizens, as it forms a city that is distinguished by the respect and care of its residents towards nature, flora and fauna.

“If something makes us feel proud of our city, it is the sense of belonging, of identity that prevails in Yucatán”, he underlined.

Barrera Concha added that the City Council will always be pleased to work with young people who strive daily to  raise awareness in the community regarding care and respect for environmental resources. He said that since the beginning of his administration, different actions have been taken towards sustainability, both in the city and in surrounding communites, focused on water table, flora and fauna preservation.

“For the City Council, collaborating with scout groups is a guarantee that things are going to get done” he said.

The mayor recalled that scouting was part of his life, which helped him to understand at an early age the importance of being at the service of the community, so he committed himself to continue supporting community work to build a more equitable society.

In relation to the Tenth Anniversary of the “World Scout Movement for the Environment”, Barrera Concha acknowledged the commitment that the group has with nature, and now the Mérida Municipal government joins forces with Scouts of Mexico on the “Sustainable Development Goals and the Strengthening of the World Scout Environmental Program” to generate a greater awareness of the importance of nature among children and youth in the state capital and the rest of the state.

Mayor Renán Barrera Concha with Scouts of Mérida (Photo: Yucatan Ahora)

Meanwhile, Pedro Díaz Maya, National Scout Chief, said that Mérida has historically been distinguished as a city that has provided strong support to the Association of Scouts of Mexico A.C..

-“People in Merida are good people, who work every day looking for this world to become a better place”- Díaz Maya said.

He added that Mexico’s global commitment is to have 100,000 scouts by the year 2023. Currently, there are 47,000 scouts in all of Mexico.

Sayda Rodríguez Gómez, Secretary of Sustainable Development congratulated the City of Mérida for the support and encouragement that they promote by reaffirming their partnership with the Association of Scouts.

In the annual meeting of the fraternity, the mayor received from Scout Group Mexico the “Carita Sonriente” (smiley face) badge in silver, in recognition for the solidarity and support to the “Scout Family”.

It is worth mentioning that the City of Mérida authorized a monthly support for the amount of 10 thousand pesos for the local Scout Association, as part of the actions that promote environmental conservation in 24 parks and public spaces of the city.

Among these are the parks of Mejorada, Tunich Luum, Jardines de Pensiones, Acuaparque Vergel IV, Ex Hacienda Anikabil, as well as the Ecológico del Poniente, Tixcacal Opichén, and Parque Las Americas. In addition to the parks of Brisas, de la Alemán, Tabentah de Altabrisa, etc.


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