“Relleno Negro” Cine Janal`s third short film on the beautiful gastronomy of Yucatan

This is not the first time we are proud to announce and write about “Cine Janal”, we had already written about

three other short films every foodlover should watch

Yet, this thursday, 14th of february in a beautiful example of pure art film, show the marriage of a young couple, leading up to the day of the wdding the preparation of the dress, and the already mentioned wonderful “relleno negro” a delicious dish consisting of turkey, pork and eggs as well as an array of spices and roasted chillies.

shows us the importance of conserving our traditions, and how slowly if not for us they cease to exist.

Here at TYT we hope you celebrate, and love the culture of the peninsula, as much as we do, at the end of the day it is the root of all our Yucatecan and “Meridiano”culture and traditions.

TYT Newsroom with information from: Sipse